“Square One” Screen Caps

#3.12 – “Square One”

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Busy Philipps Photoshoot from 2010

Set 005

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Photoshoot Pictures of Courteney Cox

Set 006

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Community’s Danny Pudi Talks About “Cougar Town”

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TBS’ Michael Wright On Why He Saved Cougar Town

Newly promoted TNT/TBS president/head of programming Michael Wright made a few new friends when he sealed a deal to pick up fan favorite comedy Cougar Town from ABC. After a quick negotiation, TBS ordered 15 episodes of the show, which will premiere its fourth season next winter. The network will also start airing Cougar Town repeats. Wright, who previously saved Southland after NBC canceled it, says there will be no changes to the sitcom. Meanwhile, over at TNT, Wright says he’s eager to change the perception that the network’s dramas only dabble in “self-seriousness or earnestness.” Frank Darabont’s L.A. Noir isn’t ready to be ordered as a series, but Wright expects to air it on Sundays, where the network is specializing in genre shows like Falling Skies.

TNT will also continue to air more procedurals and mystery series on Mondays and Tuesdays — although he hesitates to call new David E. Kelley drama Monday Mornings a “medical procedural.” Wright is also boosting the unscripted fare at Turner, ordering the comedy clip show Deon Cole’s Black Box (from Conan O’Brien’s company) and the Ashton Kutcher-produced hidden camera comedy Who Gets the Last Laugh for TBS, plus the action competition show 72 Hours and the Donnie Wahlberg-produced cop docuseries Boston Blue at TNT.

Wright spoke to TV Guide Magazine about resurrecting Cougar Town and how he’s broadening TNT.

TV Guide Magazine: You made a lot of Cougar Town fans very happy with the pick-up. Walk me through how this happened.
Michael Wright: It happened because of a conversation between the folks at ABC Studios and myself. We’re doing other business with them on a show called Perception that we’re really high on, and in the course of conversation I was asked, “What do you think of Cougar Town?” I told them I loved the show. We had done a show a couple years back called My Boys that I absolutely loved, and I think although they are different shows there’s a similarity to them. They’re character-based and the humor is mined from the way good, close friends interact.


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Screen Crush Talks to Kevin Biegel About the Move to TBS

The story is that Bill Lawrence was throwing ideas for bad sitcoms around the writers room at ‘Scrubs.’ As cougars – the idea of older women hooking up with younger men – were a popular meme in pop culture, Lawrence threw out the idea of ‘Cougar Town.’ Lawrence and Kevin Biegel ran with it, and the rest is history.

Co-creator/writer/executive producer Biegel and the entirety of the ‘Cougar Town’ crew had to deal with a year where they didn’t know if they’d have a future, but Thursday it was announced the show would be moving to TBS for at least two more seasons, getting the show to a syndication friendly 100 episodes. We got a chance to talk exclusively with Kevin about the show and the move. Check it out…

Congratulation on being picked up by TBS. Do you now feel a little bit like Conan O’Brien?

Kevin Beigel: Maybe more like the Gaseous Wiener.

We’re curious, when did this plan come into fruition to change networks? Was it talked about when ABC gave you the reduced schedule order for Season 3 or did it come together more recently?

It came together quickly over the past week/week and a half. They had been talking before that, seeing if it was feasible. It wasn’t talked about before, no. I’m not sure it’s been done a lot before- so even more cheers to TBS for doing it.

Will you guys be moving or do you get to stay where you are?

Not all the questions have been answered yet or conversations had, but I think we get to stay where we are. I’m usually wrong, though, so don’t quote me. But I’m pretty sure we won’t have to shoot the show in someone’s backyard.


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HQ Episode Stills of Ian Gomez on “Touch”

Ian Gomez will be on the 2-hour season finale of FOX’s drama series “Touch” on Thursday, May 31 at 8:00pm.

#1.11 & #1.12 – “Gyre Part 1 and 2″ Episode Stills

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More Photos from the TBS Upfront

TBS Upfront – 5/16/12

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Photos of the “Cougar Town” Cast at the TBS Upfront

TBS Upfront – 5/16/12

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Bill Lawrence Won’t Be Cougar Town’s Showrunner Next Season

With Wednesday’s announcement that Cougar Town would officially be coming to TBS, we couldn’t help but ask star Courteney Cox the second burning question on our minds: Has she, like her alter ego Jules during last night’s episode, ever forgotten to flush? “I actually don’t flush a lot,” she admitted to Vulture at the Turner networks upfront luncheon at Del Posto. “That’s because I pee about five times during the night. If I flushed every time, somebody would would wake up. I flush when it’s important, you know?”

So that’s settled! As for the move from ABC to a new network, the actress couldn’t be happier about the cul-de-sac crew boozing into the New Year, and it’s all thanks to series creator Bill Lawrence’s “never say die” attitude. “You know, Bill kept saying this show is not going to go away, it’s not going to go away. When he speaks like that, you know that he means it. I don’t know what his plan was, but what he and ABC Studios did by pursuing this deal just shows how much faith they have in the show,” Cox said. “We love doing this show, and it’s a great fit because TBS really promotes their shows. We have a lot of fans that are very avid, we just need more of them. Being on TBS is a shot to get a new group of people to check us out.” The actress, who just finished directing the upcoming Lifetime movie Tallhotblonde, based on the true story of a romance that begins online and ends in murder, said she’s looking forward to spending some downtime with her daughter, Coco, 7, before Cougar Townresumes production on new episodes in August for a premiere in 2013. On the other hand, her wheels are already turning when it comes to cable’s near-limitless boundaries. “As a producer, I can’t wait. This is a fresh start. It will feel like the same show, but we’re going to have a new [showunner], there will be new people, new changes.”

That last comment from Cox set off our Spidey senses, since in all of the reporting about the show’s move to TBS, we hadn’t heard anything about staff changes on the show. Vulture contacted a rep for Lawrence, who confirmed that Cox hadn’t been sipping out of Big Carl for too long: It turns out Lawrence and co-creator Kevin Biegel are indeed planning to step back from day-to-day oversight of Cougar Town. They’ll remain actively involved in the creative direction of the show, but Lawrence, Biegel, and Cox are now hunting for a new showrunner to oversee the first batch of ten episodes for TBS. It’s unclear yet whether they’ll bring in someone from the outside or look from within the show’s current writing ranks.


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