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E! Online’s Interview with Bill Lawrence

“They are thrilled.”

This is how Cougar Town executive producer Bill Lawrence describes the mood from Courteney Cox and the rest of his cast, as the news broke today that the ABC comedy will be moving to TBS for a fourth season.

But is it true his stars are making less with the new TBS deal? And are there any hard feelings regarding ABC, which let them go? Read on for the scoop from Cougar Town‘s head honcho…

Now that you aren’t airing on ABC any more, what can you say about their lack of promotion the last season or two? Any hard feelings?
Not at all. ABC is also the studio and ABC and Disney did all the legwork on this. The fact that they not only kept the show going, hopefully til it goes to syndication, but also set us up at a network that is competing on the same playing field as the major networks, is great. The biggest order we would have ever gotten from ABC would have been 13 if we were lucky, and we would have been a midseason replacement. On TBS, we’re going to be a flagship comedy and they’re going to build a lot of marketing around us. They are launching us as a whole new show.


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Bill Lawrence on Cougar Town’s Move to Cable

Cougar Town lives on… but at what cost?

In the wake of TBS’ official acquisition of the underdog ABC comedy, co-creator Bill Lawrence rang up TVLine to answer some burning questions about the show’s move to cable. Namely, will the budget have to be cut? And will the title change? And does Ellie’s acid tongue now have the freedom to spit out four-letter words? Read on for the answers…

TVLINE | Does the move to TBS mean that ABC was for sure going to cancel the show?
No. You have to remember, Paul Lee is both the president of ABC network and the president of ABC Studios. And Cougar Town is worth money in syndication — that’s also why we got a 15-episode order. The best possible episode order we would’ve gotten from ABC is 13, and even then it would be a midseason replacement and it would be, at most, a utility player. And TBS came at the show hard and passionately and is really looking at making it a flagship show for them.

TVLINE | There was talk of a two-season pickup. What happened?
It is a two-season pickup with an option after the first year — TBS’ option. If the show is a disaster for them — which I doubt — that means they can get out of it. But we did the deals for a two-season pickup. And I would wager that as long as we continue to produce the same quality show, it’ll become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Because if the show syndicates, TBS benefits as well.


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Update on TBS Pickup (More Info!)

We broke the news on Saturday that TBS was in talks to pick up ABC’s comedy series Cougar Town. As we projected on Sunday, the negotiations reached a successful conclusion, and the cable network just announced the pickup. There are no details on the order but I had heard that TBS and Cougar Town producer ABC Studios were targeting a 15-episode one.

TBS today announced a fourth-season pickup for Cougar Town to premiere in early 2013, though I hear the studio has the cast locked in for another season after that, so a fifth season could be in the cards too. In addition to ordering new episodes, TBS has acquired the rights to Cougar Town‘s first three seasons of 61 episodes that originally aired on ABC.

TBS’ pickup of Cougar Town complicates things for two pilots, CBS’ untitled Louis CK/Spike Feresten project and NBC’s Kari Lizer project, both of which star Cougar Town cast members in second position, Dan Byrd and Josh Hopkins, respectively. (Chances for the latter appear very slim at NBC.)

This is the second consecutive Bill Lawrence comedy to switch networks, followingScrubs‘ jump to ABC following its 2008 cancellation by NBC. Lawrence co-created Cougar Town with Kevin Biegel. Turner previously picked up another broadcast series, NBC drama Southland, which was recently renewed for a fifth season by TNT.


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It’s Official: Cougar Town Jumps to TBS

TBS is gonna have to start stocking its crafts services tables with pinot noir.

Although reps for TBS could not be reached for comment, TVLine has confirmed that the cable net has officially plucked Cougar Town from ABC in a one-season deal.

The move caps a challenging year for the Cul-de-Sac Crew that included a delayed third season, a trimmed episode order, a less-than-ideal Tuesday time slot and an unprecedented grass roots PR campaign organized and funded by co-creator Bill Lawrence.

It’s unclear what changes, if any, will be made to the show in advance of its relocation. Hopefully none.


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Busy Philipps on ABC’s Treatment of “Cougar Town”

Busy Philipps won’t be shedding any tears if ABC cancels Cougar Town.

She doesn’t want the show to end, but is hopeful the fan-favorite series will find a home on TBS if Courteney Cox and the gang do get the boot.

And it’s safe to say that Philipps is no fan of how ABC has treated Cougar Town

 “It has not been fun to feel like the ugly stepsister of the network,” Philipps told us today at Paul Frank’s Mommy & Me celebration at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

“They moved us around, they took us off the air for months,” she continued. “I do feel a little disappointed in how they’ve treated the show. If TBS is willing to launch the show in a real great way and we would actually have like billboards and commercials, that would be really cool.”

Producers have been talking to TBS about a two-season pickup if ABC gives them the boot, according to Deadline.

Philipps says she’s “really excited about the possibility” of switching networks. “I feel like if it really happens it’s kind of going to be like best case scenario for all of us,” she said.

Hopefully the rest of the cast is as gung-ho about the move as Philipps is. “The terms of the matter are we don’t have a choice,” she laughed. “Gung-ho or not, get on the train!”

A rep for ABC declined to comment for this story.


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Cougar Town’s Josh Hopkins Finds Work on New TBS Comedy

Josh Hopkins, as he awaits word on the fate of ABC’s Cougar Town, has lined up another gig, on the new TBS comedy Men at Work.

Appearing in the same episode as Hopkins are Christopher Masterson (Malcolm in the Middle) — aka the real-life brother of Men at Workregular Danny Masterson (The ’70s Show) — andKevin Pollak (A Few Good Men), TVLine has learned.

Men at Work revolves around four guy pals who toil at a magazine, just as one of them (Danny Masterson’s Milo) is rebounding from a bad break-up. James Lesure (Las Vegas), Michael Cassidy (The O.C.) and Adam Busch (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) round out the core quad.

In the series’ fourth episode, Hopkins will guest-star as an attractive man who is seen getting cozy with the steady girlfriend of Busch’s character at a hotel,while Masterson will play an employee at said hotel.


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May 15th “Cougar Town” Promo

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Video of Josh Hopkins on “In Plain Sight”

Josh was also on the series finale of the show that aired recently. I’ll get the clips and screen caps from that episode up when I get a chance. I’m really busy with school at the moment so please bear with me! Thanks.

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Poll: Rate “Down South”

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