Photos from the 100th Episode Party

“Cougar Town” 100th Episode Party – 11/19/14

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Season 6 Episode Stills!!

#6.01 – “American Dream Plan B”
#6.02 – “Full Grown Boy”
#6.03 – “To Find A Friend”

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Season 6 Promotional Images

Season 6 Promotional Images

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Ian Gomez Event Photos Added

The Joyful Heart Foundation Presents: JoyROCKS To Celebrate The NO MORE PSA – 9/26/13
The Golden Globe Awards Oh Canada Cocktail Party – 1/09/14
Zooey Deschanel And Tommy Hilfiger Debut New Capsule Collection – 4/09/14

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Our “Cougar Town” Set Experience!

Hello Cul De Sac Crew!

Cougar Town Source is back in action and we have an exclusive for you. We were invited to a behind-the-scenes look on set during the filming of the final season of “Cougar Town”. It was literally the best experience of our team’s lives. We officially lived the Gulfhaven life and are not ashamed of it.

We asked the current show runner, Blake McCormick, if it would be possible to visit the set to get some exclusive photos for the site, since production will soon wrap up for good and the sets we have grown to love over the years will sadly be taken down. He graciously accepted our request and we had a completely wonderful experience that was even better than we imagined.

We arrived at Culver Studios in Culver City, Calif. and were directed towards a parking garage. At first, we got lost but with the help of extras in costumes, we were guided to the parking garage. As we were about to enter the parking garage, we saw the set of Gulfhaven. We became ultra excited and couldn’t wait to get out of the car. We entered the parking garage and thought that we were going to park in an average parking space. Suddenly, we looked at our parking pass and it said to park in the space of Dan Byrd (Travis). We couldn’t believe it. We parked in Byrd’s official space, right next to Busy Philipps’ space (We still love you guys!). We couldn’t help ourselves and began taking photos at the spaces.

The tour was run by McCormick’s awesome and funny assistant, MJ. MJ was the best tour guide, ever. The tour started promptly at 9:30 a.m. and MJ began taking us around the set.

The first set we saw was Gulfhaven. We originally thought Gulfhaven would be this huge city set. In reality, we had never seen a city smaller than Gulfhaven. The city was a cute little street. We tried getting coffee at Coffee Bucks but it was closed, sadly. We even tried getting lunch at the Gulfhaven Beach Café, but the reservations were booked.

The tour continued by going into Andy and Ellie’s house. The house was an interior designer’s dream. The house was decked with pink and white walls.

As we continued walking to Laurie’s apartment, we saw pieces of furniture were missing. Some were categorized by blue tape. We learned they were beginning to tear down Laurie’s set. Suddenly, the final season became real to us and we realized the show is coming to an end.

Right next to Laurie’s place was Tom’s garage. We saw Tom’s little model of Jules’ house (so creepy…) and were told that sadly, his dolls were already gone. License plates lined the walls of the garage. Blankets covered up every piece of furniture inside it. We faced another indication that the show was ending with the furniture being marked with blue tape and covered by blankets.

After Tom’s garage, MJ took us to the most inspiring and exciting part of our tour – Stage 6, which houses Jules’ kitchen, Grayson’s pub and Jules’ and Laurie’s offices. We waited outside for a minute and watched the red light spin, indicating there was filming occurring. After the red light went off, we went inside the set and saw the cast and crew of the show. Internally, we were screaming, but on the outside, we remained calm! The first person we saw as we walked backstage was none other than Courtney Cox (Jules) reading her script. We were literally internally screaming as we walked to the production room. Right away, we were introduced to Josh Hopkins who shook our hands and and greeted us warmly!

We were in what industry people call “video village” and we saw monitors showing what was being filmed. MJ let us sit in the official “Cougar Town” set chairs. Josh told us to take a seat and watch it be boring. Ha! We felt like we were part of the show’s cast and crew. McCormick came over to say hello and began his work on the show. As we were sitting, every single cast and crew member introduced themselves to us. We felt welcomed on the “Cougar Town” set by the cast and crew’s warm personalities. Ian Gomez even offered us gum from their “gum bag” that apparently used to be a box. Ha!

Once the filming had hit break time, MJ took us to see the outside of Tom’s window, Grayson’s pub, Jules’ office and Laurie’s Krazy Kakes!

After watching filming for a little while longer and getting photos with the cast, MJ took us to see Travis’ college, a.k.a. the colonial house used in “Gone With The Wind.” While on the way to Travis’ college, MJ told us about the history of the studios. Once we reached the mansion, MJ took a picture of us in front of it and the tour was concluded.

We are so thankful we were given the opportunity by McCormick to tour the set of “Cougar Town” during their final season. We would like to give a huge thanks to McCormick, MJ, and the cast and crew of “Cougar Town” for giving us this opportunity. Thank you all for creating great memories in “Cougar Town” and touching fans’ hearts. We hope you all have a successful last season.

Don’t forget to watch the final season of “Cougar Town” starting January 6th at 10:30 p.m. on TBS!

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EXCLUSIVE Cougar Town Set Photos!

EXCLUSIVE Set Photos! [11/11/14]

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#5.13 – “We Stand a Chance” Screen Caps

#5.13 – “We Stand a Chance”

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#5.12 – “Love Is a Long Road” Screen Caps

#5.12 – “Love Is a Long Road”

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#5.11 – “Refugee” Screen Caps

#5.11 – “Refugee”

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#5.10 – “Too Good To Be True” Screen Caps

#5.10 – “Too Good To Be True”

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