“Free Fall” Trailer Starring Ian Gomez

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Courteney Cox Gets Personal About Her Directorial Debut, ‘Just Before I Go’

A favorite Friend talks about how love, loss, and David Fincher prepared her to direct her first feature-length movie, the indie dramedy Just Before I Go.

I’ve always felt a kinship to Courteney Cox. I think we all have.

There was the way she managed, as Monica Geller on Friends, to make the combination of neuroticism and rabid energy seem warm, endearing, and fun. There was the middle finger she gave critics and industry suits who wrote off Cougar Town based on its misfire of a title by steadfastly guiding the little sitcom that could through 88 episodes and two networks, turning it into, at one point, the most consistently firing sitcom on TV and a showcase for her most nuanced acting yet.

She’s always seemed just the right balance of glamorous and goofy, that when you see her, you feel like you’re running into an old Friend. (Heh.) And, as she sits across from me raving in ecstasy about ranch dressing, all of the suspicions about how cool Cox might actually be in person are ever-so-blissfully confirmed.

“You’ve never seen the way I eat,” Cox cautions, dabbing dressing from the corner of her lip as we discuss Just Before I Go, her feature film directorial debut that premiered last week at the Tribeca Film Festival. But, as she begins to share the personal stories behind the personal film, all traces of vanity and self-consciousness goes out the window. “Ranch dressing is so good,” she coos. “Fuck yeah, Hidden Valley.”


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Courteney Cox On Directorial Debut In ‘Just Before I Go’

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Busy Philipps on @Midnight

If you missed Busy Philipps on @midnight last night, you can check out the full episode here.

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HQ Episode Stills of Josh Hopkins on “Undateable”

#1.08 – “The Julius Effect” Episode Stills

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Clip of Josh Hopkins on “Undateable”

Josh will be on NBC’s Undateable this Thursday!

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Busy Philipps on CBS News

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Busy Philipps on Baby Naming, 1st Birthdays & TV Rules

Actress Busy Philipps may currently play wild child Laurie Keller alongside Courteney Cox on Cougar Town, but in real life, she’s a mom of two girls, 11-month-old Cricket Pearl and 5-year-old Birdie Leigh with screenwriter husband Marc Silverstein. And though we often think celebs’ family lives look nothing like our own, Busy’s sounds as down-to-earth as it gets!

The Stir recently caught up with Busy at the Banana Boat Best Summer Ever Sweepstakes kick-off in NYC, and she dished all about her girls’ names, their household screen time habits, and the low-key but completely cool birthday parties they’ll be enjoying this summer …

What fun summer plans do you have with the family? We’re doing a lot of beach time, a big family vacation in North Carolina at the beach, and we’re going to have A LOT of backyard pool time. I have a basket of sunscreen out by my pool, and it stays there all the time, so we literally always have it. It’s filled with that, and goggles for the pool, because kids come over, and they want goggles! I realized I have to go to Target and get 400 pairs of goggles in blue, pink, and green so that these kids can have goggles when they come over!


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Busy Philipps on HuffPost Live

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Busy Philipps: My Husband Used Our Wedding Vows in a Channing Tatum Movie

Busy Philipps is an accomplished actress with stints on “Cougar Town,” “ER” and “Dawson’s Creek,” but her husband Marc Silverstein is no slouch either.

The screenwriter is known for penning such romantic hits as “He’s Just Not That Into You,” Valentine’s Day” and “The Vow.”

“It was interesting when we were writing our wedding vows together [in 2007] and it was interesting what he came up with, because obviously it was so beautiful and well written,” Philipps told ABC News. “I was like ‘Oh really? You feel that about me? Oh right this is what you do for a living, oh my God you are so good at it!'”

In fact, Philipps said some of her and her husband’s wedding vows made their way into 2012’s “The Vow” starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams.

“That was a nice surprise for me, he never told me that he did that. Sometimes I read his scripts, sometimes I don’t,” Philipps said. “I hadn’t read ‘The Vow’ script. I watched it on an airplane and was sobbing hysterically during the vows part because I saw my wedding vows in there with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum saying them to each other (laughs)!”


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