Busy Philipps Joins Americans for Marriage Equality

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Busy Philipps and Taye Diggs to Announce SAG Award Nods

Looks like Laurie will be getting her dream come true!! ;)

Television stars Busy Philipps and Taye Diggs are to announce the 19th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations in Los Angeles next month.

The “Cougar Town” actress and “The Practice” leading man will read the names Dec. 12 in a live telecast on TNT.

The winners of prizes for outstanding performances in film and television will be announced at a Jan. 27 ceremony.


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Edwin Hodge Talks Cougar Town Season 4

You’ve been a part of several shows, including Cougar Town, which I’m glad to see is coming back. Can you give fans any idea of what to expect from the new season, particularly since it’s on a new network?

Edwin Hodge: It will be a little more risque with [its] jokes…I can clearly tell the difference [of] what it was like to write for a network like ABC and how they’re writing for TBS, so the jokes hit a little bit harder. I’m in an interracial relationship with Busy Phillips’ character on the show, so we play up the racial jokes a little bit and the sexual [jokes], but it’s still the same, wholehearted cast…We’re just a little bit more spicier (laughs).

Aside from the jokes, is there anything else that the move to TBS has changed about the show?

Edwin Hodge: I don’t think anything has changed about the show at all. Busy Phillips–she’s still got that quirky, crazy, weird character that she plays on the show and Courtney [Cox] and her [onscreen] relationship with Josh [Hopkins]…like I said, they’re staying true to what was originally laid out, the original blueprint of the show. It’s just…the jokes are a little bit funnier.


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BECOMING: Busy Philipps


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“Cougar Town” Season 3 on DVD February 5th!

With the show’s fourth season premiering in early January, after moving from ABC to TBS, fans have wondered what the DVD fate is of the show’s third season…after all, ABC/Disney haven’t announced it yet! No worries, because they have licensed the home video rights to Lionsgate Entertainment, who have now informed retailers to expect Cougar Town – The Complete 3rd Season to be available on DVD this February 5th. Yes, that’s a month AFTER the new season’s debut, but that’s apparently as fast as they can make it happen following the shift in studios.

On that day Lionsgate will also take up manufacture and distribution of the first and second seasons on DVD, too. Contents and packaging for those two will be the same, we understand, but with a new lower price (but we don’t have the specific new SRP amount yet).The Complete 3rd Seasonwill include all 15 episodes on 2 discs, with closed captioning plus extras in the form of “Featurettes, Deleted scenes, and Outtakes!” Pricing and package art have not been distributed yet for the new title, but stay tuned!


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Brad & Emily Meet Josh Hopkins

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Get Caught Up on “Cougar Town”

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Screen Caps of Brian Van Holt on CSI

#13.08 – “CSI on Fire” Screen Caps

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Back in Production with Bob Clendenin

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“Cougar Town” Spoilers from TVLine

Question: Cougar Town! Cougar Town! Cougar Town! Cougar Town! —Melissa
Ausiello: As previously scooped, much of the season premiere involves Grayson serving penance for something un-husbandly he did… in Jules’ dream. Elsewhere, we’ll learn that Andy took a sexual “liberty” with an Ambien’d Ellie, Laurie finds outrageous new ways to illustrate just how dark black her boyfriend Wade is and Bobby schools us in the art of the dodge. There’s also a rather clever scene in which a Jules/Travis laundry hand-off plays out like an illicit money drop.


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