#5.07 – “Time to Move On” Episode Summary

#5.07 – “Time to Move On” – With Travis graduating college in a few months, Jules starts to worry about his job prospects with an art degree. Laurie and Ellie pose as a lesbian couple in a desperate effort to get Stan into a fancy new school. Meanwhile, Andy insists on making a cat video with the guys for Bro-day.

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#5.06 – “Learning to Fly” Episode Summary

#5.06 – “Learning to Fly” – Laurie teaches Jules the rules of karma after Jules lies to customers at the annual cul-de-sac yard sale. Andy uses some of his new yard sale purchases to test Ellie after they make a bet that she can’t refrain from being snarky for one day. Meanwhile, Bobby must overcome his fear of rollercoasters to fulfill his grandfather’s dying wish.

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#5.02 – “Like a Diamond” Screen Caps

#5.02 – “Like a Diamond”

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Busy Philipps on Ellen

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Josh Hopkins and Busy Philipps Photoshoots Added

Set 010 (Busy)
+ Set 006 (Josh)

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Courteney Cox on Conan

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“Hard on Me” & “Learning to Fly” Episode Stills

#5.05 – “Hard on Me”
#5.06 – “Learning to Fly”

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#5.05 – “Hard on Me” Episode Summary

#5.05 – “Hard on Me” – Andy organizes a Gulf Haven 5k in an effort to save his reputation as Mayor after an embarrassing article comes out in the local paper. Jules uses the race to help her dad, Chick (guest star Ken Jenkins), get out of the house and relive his coaching days. But the crew struggles to get through his intense workouts. Meanwhile, Grayson fulfills his dream of being cast in a commercial; however, he’s in for a big surprise when he receives his role.

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Brian Van Holt on directing mini ‘Friends’ reunion

Tuesday night’s episode of Cougar Town marks the first time actor Brian Van Holt stepped behind the camera to direct an episode of the comedy, accomplishing a goal he’d had since he started working on the series five seasons ago. And while he was thrilled to finally get the chance, the opportunity also came with a little added pressure — it was an episode that was set to guest star Courteney Cox’s former Friends castmate Matthew Perry.

“There was a lot involved and a lot of expectations,” Van Holt tells EW, “but that being said, it was amazing. I loved it.”

In the episode, airing at 10 p.m. ET, Perry guest stars as a man who has a fender bender with Cox’s Jules, and mayhem ensues when Jules takes a small fib a little too far. The episode finds a way to recapture the old chemistry between the two former co-stars, while also adding a little twist on the story. “I was so lucky to have Matthew in my episode because he made me look better. He brought so much to the table,” Van Holt said. “It was really an honor to direct Matthew Perry and Courteney.”

In fact, Van Holt says, as a Friends fan himself, it was somewhat “surreal at times” to see the two actors reunited. “I had my moments of, ‘Wow, This is Monica and Chandler at it again!’ They had such good chemistry,” he said. “I did get caught watching the monitors and forgetting to call cut because I could really let the camera roll on them forever. It was very special….It’s a big moment for two TV icons to come back together.”


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‘Cougar Town’s’ Brian Van Holt on directing ‘amazing’ Matthew Perry: ‘A little nerve-wracking’

Stepping up the the plate as director of an episode of the TV series you’re a star on is no small task. When that episode includes TV icon Matthew Perry as a guest star? It gets a little tougher.

Luckily, Brian Van Holt had the support of his cast and crew when he directed Tuesday’s (Jan. 14) episode of “Cougar Town” because, as he tells Zap2it, it was a daunting endeavor.

“It was a little nerve-wracking, at first. It was a big episode, especially having Matthew on it, you know,” he says. “It was a big episode, an important episode, so that brings some pressure. But it’s a great script and everybody really stepped up and made it possible, made my job easier, made it a great experience.”

Having Perry in the episode with his former “Friends” co-star Courteney Cox proved to be an asset to the first-time director (because, how couldn’t it?). “I got really lucky having Matthew in this episode, really fortunate, because obviously he brings so much to the table. You don’t have to direct him and it just makes me look like I know what I’m doing,” Van Holt jokes.


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