Bob Clendenin…..aka Zarnoff, Carl, Tom And A Really Involved Burbank Dad

You have probably seen Bob Clendenin in many, many things. He’s one of those actors whom you know you know his face, but don’t know his name.

His name is Bob. He’s very funny, recognizable and down to Earth. He’s also a very involved Burbank Dad and he happens to live in my neighborhood.

I first met Bob about 7 years ago while shopping at our local Ralph’s. We had just moved into our new house and I was shopping with my 16 month old daughter. I was on the phone with my mom in Michigan and saw him in the produce department looking at tomatoes. I said to my mother, “Mom..there’s this actor guy here. You’d totally recognize him.”

Right then, I watched him as he had a Charlie Chaplin moment with those tomatoes. He grabbed one and about 10 fell. He reached down to pick them up and he kicked one straight across the floor to me. I picked it up, handed it back and laughed.

I rattled my brain the rest of the day as to where I had seen him last on television.

It was The Closer.

I IMDB’d The Closer and found out who he was. Within a few days, I saw him and his son at Quiznos. As he was leaving, I said, “Excuse me? Aren’t you Bob Clendenin?”

“Yes! Yes, I am.” He said. I could tell I completely shocked him.
“I just saw you in The Closer…you’re very funny.”

“Great! Thank you.” He replied, grabbing his son’s hand and exiting with sandwiches in tow.

Who’s the creepy neighbor now?


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Event Photos Added

Children’s Museum Of The East End’s 5th Annual Family Fair – 7/19/13 (Christa)
OCRF’s 16th Annual Super Saturday – 7/26/13 (Christa)
Elit By Stolichnaya Partners With DuJour Magazine Choppers To The Hamptons – 7/16/13 (Josh)
Women In Film’s 16th Annual Malibu Celebrity Golf Classic – 7/13/13 (Brian)

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Ian Gomez Signs With APA

Ian Gomez has signed with APA in all areas.

The actor plays Andy Torres, a core member of the wine-loving cul-de-sac crew on Cougar Town, which is wrapping up its fourth season after moving from ABC to TBS this year. The single-camera comedy will return for season five in 2014.

Over the past 20 years Gomez has racked up a long list of television credits, most notably his breakout role on the WB’sFelicity as Javier, the title character’s manager at Dean & DeLuca. Gomez recurred as Winfred-Lauder employee Larry Almada on ABC’s The Drew Carey Show and played recurring roles on the network’s short-lived Jake in Progress and the Lifetime sitcomRita Rocks. He’s also shown up in guest spots on The Middle,Grey’s AnatomyRoyal Pains and Lost.

On the big screen, Gomez has appeared in Larry Crowne andMy Big Fat Greek Wedding, which was inspired by his marriage to writer and star Nia Vardalos. Gomez’s next project is the indie comedy Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant, whose star-studded ensemble includes Stanley Tucci,Marcia Gay Harden and Rebecca Romijn alongside Mark Feuerstein in the title role.

Gomez is also repped by Intellectual Artists Management and Del Shaw.


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HQ Season 4 Episode Stills Added

#4.01 – “Blue Sunday”
#4.02 – “I Need to Know”

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Busy Philipps on ‘Veronica Mars': Could a ‘Freaks and Geeks’ Campaign Be Next?

Regardless of your personal interest in “Veronica Mars,” there’s no question that this week’s Kickstarter campaign for the movie — which managed to hit its 30-day goal of raising $2 million in a matter of hours — may change the landscape of the entertainment world and the ever-evolving role of the fans. If “Mars,” which went off the air in 2007, could be resurrected, what shows are next?

 Needless to say, the fans are ecstatic, but so are the actors … and not just the ones who appeared on the Kristen Bell starmaker. Busy Philipps, for one, is in awe about it.

“How amazing is that?! They’re going to make a $20 million ‘Veronica Mars’ movie by the end of this thing. It’s so cool,” she gushed to Yahoo! TV while promoting Bacardi Classic Cocktails Light (which she hasn’t been drinking lately since she’s pregnant). “I think it’s really awesome and it’s such a testament to the power of how much people love their TV shows.”

Since the 33-year-old starred in a cult series herself, we had to ask if she had any hopes of a similar chain of events for “Freaks and Geeks.”

“It wasn’t a group of fans that got together and demanded the ‘Veronica Mars’ movie … it was all the actors and the creators and the writers of the show that got together and did the Kickstarter,” she explained “We’d have to have Judd Apatow, Paul Feig, and Jake Kasdan on board — and I’m sure all of us [actors] would do it — but those guys, it has to be their idea.”

Social media, Philipps said, has really changed the game and has been a huge help in saving shows on the bubble.


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Photos of Brian Van Holt at “The Bridge” Series Premiere

Series Premiere Of FX’s “The Bridge” – 7/08/13

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Happy Birthday, Brian!!!

Happy Birthday, Brian!!!

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Busy Philipps Welcomes a Baby Girl With Husband Marc Silverstein

The Cougar Town star has welcomed a baby girl with husband Marc Silverstein, their second daughter together.

Her rep exclusively confirms to E! News that the child was born Tuesday, weighing 8 1/2 pounds, and everyone is happy and healthy.

“So this happened…” Philipps also tweeted Wednesday along with a pic of herself cradling their newborn.

The wee lass joins 4 1/2-year-old sister Birdie Leigh Philipps in the family abode.

In March, Philipps told E! News that her second pregnancy hadn’t been “so relaxing,” and yet was “harder and easier” than her first at the same time.

“It’s going faster because I have my kid and work and all kinds of things,” the 34-year-old actress said. Not to mention, she added, “I gave everything away from my last pregnancy. Everything from my maternity clothes, to the crib, the changing table—all gone. So I have to start over.”

She then revealed in April that they were expecting another girl (so double-bummer on not keeping Birdie’s old gear).

“My daughter is super-excited,” Philipps told Huffington Post. “She’s actually incredibly helpful…So I think for right now it’s OK, but we’ll see what happens when the actual baby comes. I’m planning for that moment [when Birdie asks], ‘And when does she go back?’ I know that will happen.'”


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Blake McCormick Named ‘Cougar Town’ Showrunner, Inks Warner Bros TV Deal

Cougar Town writer-producer Blake McCormick has been elevated to showrunner of the ensemble comedy as it heads into its fifth season and second onTBS. McCormick replaces Ric Swartzlander, who ran Cougar Town last season. Additionally, McCormick has signed a blind script deal with Warner Bros TV through studio-based Doozer, the company of Cougar Town co-creator/executive producer Bill Lawrence. Lawrence exited Cougar Town after Season 3 to segue into his overall deal at Warner Bros TV but ended up being pretty hands-on during Season 4 since he didn’t have a series on the air. That likely won’t be the case next season as he has three pilots in contention for series pickup: Undateable at NBC, I Suck At Girls at Fox and Ground Floor at TBS.

McCormick, repped by UTA, Kaplan Perrone and attorney Jared Levine, has been on Cougar Town for the past three seasons, starting out as a co-producer in 2010. Prior to that, he served as a co-producer on the Fox Comedy King Of The Hill. On the feature side, McCormick’s 2012 Black List script Untitled Cops Comedy sold to Universal with American Wedding writers Jon Hurwitz & Hayden Schlossberg attached to direct and produce.


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Happy Birthday, Busy!!!

Happy Birthday, Busy!

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