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Bill Lawrence Looks Back on Cougar Town’s Wild Ride, the Finale’s “Head Fake” and How He Really Feels About the Show’s Title
Written by on April 10th, 2015

Cougar Town co-creator Bill Lawrence has always gone above and beyond for the Courteney Cox comedy, and he isn’t stopping just because the show is about to play its last game of Penny Can. After traveling to SXSW to promote the second season of his NBC comedy Undateable, the busy executive producer was awake until 2 a.m. shooting a pilot in Los Angeles’ Chinatown. But the very next morning, he’s up bright and early to discuss the series finale of his wine-soaked sitcom, which taps out on Tuesday at 10:30/9:30c on TBS.

“I can’t do this stuff these kids can do anymore. They bounce back a lot quicker,” he tells with a laugh.

After six seasons, two networks, a tour and lots of wine – who needs a movie? – what kind of a hangover will the cul-de-sac crew’s swan song leave behind? spoke with Lawrence about the finale, the show’s loyal fans and how he really feels about the title.

Undateable just returned for Season 2, and now you’re getting ready to close down Cougar Town. How does it feel to be in the early stages of one show and at the end of another?
Bill Lawrence:
It’s very weird. I couldn’t believe we made it to 100 episodes. It was kind of a funky journey. I think the question people always ask is, “Are you so bummed Cougar Town is ending?” Not to be cavalier, but it doesn’t feel like a big sad end because I’ve worked with the same people for 20 years. It’s the same crew and a lot of the same cast members and friends across shows, so the shocking thing now in my career is I guess I’ve gotten to a place [where] I really try to only work with friends and people I want to be around a long time. The show ended a couple months ago and we still all hang out and see each other. I saw Courteney last week. I still see some of the same crew members on the pilots we’re working on now.


#6.13 – “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” Episode Summary
Written by on March 17th, 2015

#6.13 – “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” – Grayson is determined to prevent Jules from running her birthday, but will it be possible when everyone has major changes in their lives?

#6.12 – “A Two Story Town” Episode Summary
Written by on March 17th, 2015

#6.12 – “A Two Story Town” – The entire gang pitches in when Tom reveals he has a crush on a woman. As Jules runs mission control, Grayson tries to keep Tom from saying something weird, Andy buys them movie tickets, Laurie and Travis set up a heroic moment for him, and Ellie and Chick mock the whole proceedings – all with disastrous results.

#6.11 – “Climb That Hill” Episode Summary
Written by on March 17th, 2015

#6.11 – “Climb that Hill” – In the 100th episode, the gang takes on new personal challenges: Jules tries to read a book for the first time, Grayson tries to listen to his friends and remember what they have to say, and Andy tries to keep his hand out of a place it doesn’t belong.

#6.10 – “Yer So Bad” Episode Summary
Written by on February 23rd, 2015

#6.10 – “Yer So Bad” – Jules invites Chick and his new girlfriend to a dinner party, but her guests aren’t exactly who she expected. Travis and Laurie stake out a cupcake thief, and Andy and Ellie try to figure out who Tom’s celebrity patient is.

#6.09 – “This One’s For Me” Episode Summary
Written by on February 23rd, 2015

#6.09 – “This One’s For Me” – When Jules finds a bag of unusual items Grayson’s been hiding, she goes on a mission to learn his secret. Andy talks Travis into using a baby gift for himself and Ellie can’t stand that Laurie is treating Baby Bobby like an accessory.

#6.08 – “Two Men Talking” Episode Summary
Written by on February 23rd, 2015

#6.08 – “Two Men Talking” – Fearing that her dad, Chick, is lonely, Jules tries to set him up with Grayson as a best friend. Laurie helps Andy fit in with a cool mom group and Travis and Ellie open up to each other in the Winebulance.

#6.07 – “The Wild One, Forever” Episode Summary
Written by on February 3rd, 2015

#6.07 – “The Wild One, Forever” – After a hurricane floods the gym of a local high school, Jules volunteers Gray’s Pub as a venue for their prom, with the gang ready to serve as chaperones. Jules and Laurie try to have an amazing night, but Laurie isn’t feeling it. Andy and Ellie try to stop a gang of bullies. And Travis and Grayson help their high school counterparts win a girl.

#6.06 – “The Wrong Thing to Do” Episode Summary
Written by on February 3rd, 2015

#6.06 – “The Wrong Thing to Do” – Seeing that Andy is unprepared for his upcoming job interviews, Jules agrees to coach him through it. Ellie needs a place to escape since Andy is home all the time, so she goes to Bobby’s boat, only to find that Grayson beat her to it. Meanwhile, Travis and Laurie encourage Tom to date…with disastrous results.

#6.05 – “Even the Losers” Episode Summary
Written by on January 23rd, 2015

#6.05 – “Even the Losers” – Jules sees that Travis is struggling financially, so she lends him money that he uses to start a new business. Ellie takes Andy on a revenge mission after he loses his mayorship. And Grayson fills in as a music teacher at Stan’s school.