Josh Hopkins Joins ABC’s ‘Quantico’ As Series Regular

Cougar Town alum Josh Hopkins has joined the cast of ABC’s new drama series Quantico as a series regular. He will play Special Agent Liam O’Connor, taking over the role played by Dougray Scott in the pilot. O’Connor is a staff counselor at Quantico, working with the new agent trainees. Miranda’s (Aunjanue Ellis) former partner, now her subordinate, he’s good at his job, but given to bouts of depression, stemming from a mistake in his past. Quantico revolves around a group of young FBI recruits, all with specific reasons for joining, who battle their way through training at the Quantico base in Virginia. One will launch a devastating terrorist attack on the U.S. The series premieres September 27 at 10 PM.

Hopkins, repped by Gersh and Brillstein Entertainment Partners, played Grayson opposite Courtney Cox in all six seasons of TBS comedy Cougar Town. More recently he co-starred in Kelly And Cal, opposite Juliette Lewis and the James Brown biopicGet On Up, starring Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and Chadwick Boseman.

Quantico is executive produced by Joshua Safran, Mark Gordon, Nicholas Pepper, Jake Coburn and Robert Sertner and produced by ABC Studios.


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#5.01 – “All or Nothin'” Episode Stills

#5.01 – “All or Nothin'”

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Courteney Cox, Roselyn Sanchez Join ‘Mothers Day’ Movie

Courteney Cox and Roselyn Sanchez have joined the cast of Paul Duddridge’s drama “Mothers Day,” currently in production with shooting in Los Angeles to be completed by the fall.

Previously announced cast includes Susan Sarandon and her daughter Eva Amurri Martino, Sharon Stone, Christina Ricci and Paul Wesley.

“Mothers Day” is Duddridge’s feature film debut, with Nigel Levy co-directing. The script by Paige Cameron is based on a concept by Duddridge.

Producers are Danielle James and Amy Williams, who are both working mothers. The story is focused on a rock photographer who is riding a career high when an unlikely and unexpected pregnancy forces her to turn her lens inward.

Cox just wrapped her sixth season on “Cougar Town.” She is represented by WME and Brillstein Entertainment Partners.

Sanchez is on the Lifetime show “Devious Maids,” which is in production on its third season. She is represented by APA and Alchemy Entertainment.


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Courteney Cox and OmniPeace Launch Effort to Create Music School in Rwanda

Courteney Cox is helping to bring music education to Rwandan children with her involvement in the OmniPeace Rwanda Rocks! campaign, which was unveiled Thursday at the W Los Angeles-West Beverly Hills.

OmniPeace founder Mary Fanaro, along with Cox, an ambassador of the charity, launched the campaign in order to build a school with a focus on music education. The school would be the eighth OmniPeace has built, and the first in Rwanda.

“I’m such a supporter of Mary and everything she does,” Cox said about her support for “She has built these schools and now she wants to do this music school and of course I’m here to support her, to bring awareness. I think music heals people.”

On her most recent visit, Fanaro said her guide and driver was a music teacher and asked if she had ever considered a music school. The idea struck a chord.

“I was in bed that night and I thought, ‘Why wouldn’t I do a music school? Who am I to say no? Maybe I’m getting a message to do a music school,’” Fanaro said.

OmniPeace is a humanitarian fashion company that builds schools to empower youth living in extreme poverty in Africa, Fanaro explained. OmniPeace made its mark by creating a logo designed to inspire and share its powerful message. The logo became iconic in fashion and gained supporters ranging from Hollywood celebrities to leaders in the global movement to bring change to Africa.

“It’s not just building a pop-up school that’s in the middle of nowhere; it’s part of an entire infrastructure that is about self-sustainability,” she said.

Fanaro said Rwanda is still in the process of healing from the 1994 genocide that claimed an estimated 1 million lives in 100 days.

“It’s the 21st anniversary of the genocide, so it’s a really beautiful time to use (music).”


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Kevin Biegel Signs Deal With ABC Studios

Cougar Town co-creator Kevin Biegel is returning to the studio behind the Courteney Cox-starring comedy series, signing a two-year overall deal with ABC Television Studios. Under the pact, Biegel will develop new projects and will serve as a consulting producer on new ABC family comedy series The Real O’Neals.

After co-creating with Bill Lawrance Cougar Town, which recently wrapped its six-season run on ABC and then TBS, Biegel created and executive produced the cult Fox sibling Army comedy Enlisted. His credits also include NBC’s Scrubs, Fox’s Grounded For Life and NBC’s The Tracy Morgan Show. He is repped by UTA and Morris Yorn.


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Josh Hopkins Toasts to Six Seasons on the Cul-de-Sac

After 102 episodes, six seasons, two networks, one very infamous name, and lots — and lots — of wine, “Cougar Town’s” cul-de-sac crew is toasting for the very last time.

Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel’s TBS ensemble comedy, which is toplined by “Friends” star Courteney Cox, says goodbye Tuesday night. Series regular Josh Hopkins, who plays Grayson, warns fans that the final episode is a “tear-jerker.” Still, Hopkins sees the glass half full.

“We had the perfect amount of episodes. We ran our course pretty well,” Hopkins tells Variety. With a laugh, he says: “It’s perfect when you leave and everyone still loves each other. I’m going to miss seeing those people every day, but I just think what a great experience it was, rather than be sad that it’s over.”

Hopkins took a break on the set of his NBC pilot, in which he was cast opposite “Parenthood’s” Monica Potter, to chat about “Cougar Town.” (Since then, that network has decided to put the comedy on hold. Variety has learned NBC believes the show can improve if put back into development, rather than be put in contention for the 2015-16 season).

When asked if he ever imagined “Cougar Town” lasting for six seasons, Hopkins answered, “This is lightning in a jar, and we caught it.”

He added: “I’ve been doing this a long time, and I’ve done a lot of pilots and a lot of shows that never went past 13 [episodes], and a lot that went less than that. So to get on a show that went on like this, this is what you look for. I would love to find something like that again. You can never think it’s going to happen, but you can hope.”

Hopkins looks back and reveals his favorite scene to Variety, his off-set drink of choice and the show title he would have chosen for “Cougar Town:”

What was the vibe like on set the final day?
It wasn’t that sad, it was more just appreciation and love. There’s an inevitability built in with these things, and I think it’s more sad to have a show that you think could really be great and then it just doesn’t catch on or is never given a chance — now, that’s sad when that gets cancelled and it’s your last day — but this is more like a celebration of six years of being together and holding great relationships.


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Bill Lawrence on Saying Goodbye to the Cul-de-Sac Crew

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with series co-creator Bill Lawrence to discuss bringing the story to a close after two networks, six seasons and more than 100 episodes.

Knowing the show had to wrap up and say goodbye to these characters and relationships, what were the storylines you felt needed a little extra time?

We wanted to play the stuff with Jules’ father out a bit, not just drop it and have him living with them in the house. We wanted to play Travis and Laurie out because it was a tightrope — some people liked it [when they got together] and some didn’t, and we wanted to make sure they were still fun characters, not just some married couple. The main thing we wanted to do was make Bob Clendenin step up as a regular in the last year because he really earned it. But the coolest thing about Cougar Town was there was never any real burden because — intentionally — it’s not a show about shocking events. It’s not like Friends. There’s no end to Cougar Town, where it’s time for people to grow up and get new jobs and have babies. These people are all in their 40s, and they’re settled. And that’s why we’re able to tweak the conventions in the finale.

Yet in the finale, you did make it seem like people were growing up, moving on and getting new jobs. Did you think that kind of fakeout was risky?

We knew we could fake it! We knew, writing it, that if we followed it through and it was actually happening, it would be disingenuous. I felt that right at the point where people are getting pissed off and thinking we were actually doing that, we’d be like, “Of course no one’s going anywhere!”


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#6.02 & #6.03 Episode Stills Added

#6.02 – “Full Grown Boy”
#6.03 – “To Find A Friend”

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Bill Lawrence Looks Back on Cougar Town’s Wild Ride, the Finale’s “Head Fake” and How He Really Feels About the Show’s Title

Cougar Town co-creator Bill Lawrence has always gone above and beyond for the Courteney Cox comedy, and he isn’t stopping just because the show is about to play its last game of Penny Can. After traveling to SXSW to promote the second season of his NBC comedy Undateable, the busy executive producer was awake until 2 a.m. shooting a pilot in Los Angeles’ Chinatown. But the very next morning, he’s up bright and early to discuss the series finale of his wine-soaked sitcom, which taps out on Tuesday at 10:30/9:30c on TBS.

“I can’t do this stuff these kids can do anymore. They bounce back a lot quicker,” he tells with a laugh.

After six seasons, two networks, a tour and lots of wine – who needs a movie? – what kind of a hangover will the cul-de-sac crew’s swan song leave behind? spoke with Lawrence about the finale, the show’s loyal fans and how he really feels about the title.

Undateable just returned for Season 2, and now you’re getting ready to close down Cougar Town. How does it feel to be in the early stages of one show and at the end of another?
Bill Lawrence:
It’s very weird. I couldn’t believe we made it to 100 episodes. It was kind of a funky journey. I think the question people always ask is, “Are you so bummed Cougar Town is ending?” Not to be cavalier, but it doesn’t feel like a big sad end because I’ve worked with the same people for 20 years. It’s the same crew and a lot of the same cast members and friends across shows, so the shocking thing now in my career is I guess I’ve gotten to a place [where] I really try to only work with friends and people I want to be around a long time. The show ended a couple months ago and we still all hang out and see each other. I saw Courteney last week. I still see some of the same crew members on the pilots we’re working on now.


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#6.13 – “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” Episode Summary

#6.13 – “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” — Grayson is determined to prevent Jules from running her birthday, but will it be possible when everyone has major changes in their lives?

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